CPC20720 Enquiry

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the ARC Institute of Business CPC20720 Certificate II in Drainage - Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) course.

Please find above the CPC20720 Course Information document and our current Student Handbook.

This course has been developed for current industry workers that have a minimum of 2 years relevant experience in the drainage trade.

In brief, the RPL assessment will consist of evidence submissions and reviews, reference checks, conversations with a qualified assessor to discuss/demonstrate your knowledge of the different aspects of the drainage trade. It may also include workplace visits and observations.

The course fees are as follows:

  • The total cost of the course is $4,000.00. An enrolment fee of $1,500.00 is payable upon enrolment (our Refund Policy is available on our website)
  • ARC Institute of Business does not hold a Tuition Assurance Scheme and therefore will never collect more than $1,500.00 in advance from our students.

Once you have read the attached course information and are satisfied that you meet the enrolment criteria, please open and complete the CPC20720 RPL Unit Guide and LLN assessment below.

This form provides a brief overview of the areas covered in the qualification and gives us a snap shot of your experience.

Once you have submitted this form, you will receive an enrolment email or you will be contacted by an ARC Institute of Business representative.